The culprit of stranded cars with ammunition Serdyukov called

At the station of Perovo-1, where they found the car with more than 200 boxes of artillery ammunition, had to call emergency services and military police. The Ministry of defence has hastened to declare that the shipment was destined for one of the compounds of the Western military district, stationed in the Moscow region. Ammunition was transported in dismantled form and was not serious.

About how you usually transport munitions in accordance with safety requirements, we spoke to an expert demolitions, the former Director of the Institute of the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation Victor G. Poplavsky.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

– Carriage of ammunition by rail is carried out in accordance with the order of the Minister of defence. It all clearly spelled out. Such a load is transported, under guard all the way. The composition included trailer car with security.

– It was reported that the car with gunfire, rocket launchers and mines was discovered in the course of operational-search actions by employees of special services on the hump. It turns out now, as he stood in one of the train dead-ends without protection.

– It is a violation. The car was open and steal ammo. This could make the poachers and terrorists. We have under defense Minister Serdyukov was greatly reduced the Organs of military communications (VOSO). They are just the same and exercised control over the movement of troops and transportation of ammunition. It was their main task. They controlled the whole process: checking the guards that accompanied military supplies and ammunition noted in the maps where the goods are located. It was a debugged system. Now to control no one. So the situation with orphan car with ammunition will be repeated more often, and more often. The reduction of Bodies of military messages has led to such negative consequences.

We will remind that earlier the Ministry of defence has officially declared that despite the unusualness of this “incident” on the railway, there was no danger: the cargo transported by all the rules, raskolnikova.

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