Transplant doctor commented on the capture in Moscow merchants bodies

Young people who tried to sell his friend “bodies”, was recently detained by militiamen. Traders were immigrants from Ukraine 23 – year-old Maria Oleynik and 22-year-old Andrew Beard. In October 2016, this criminal couple has offered his 20-year-old friend first, to engage in prostitution in Moscow, and then bowed to the sale of kidneys. Very soon “the transplant” found a buyer and agreed to meet. By the way, on his friend they estimated in 3 thousand dollars. It is possible that “transaction” would have passed safely if the “clients” were not police officers. After the transfer of the money in the room of a Moscow hotel cancelled the sellers were detained.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

It would seem this is an ordinary case and such “transplant” in Moscow a lot. After all the announcements about sale of a on the Internet is more than enough. But the reality was not so simple. Surgeon, Professor and Deputy Director of fsbi “Institute of surgery named after A.V. Vishnevsky” on scientific work Alexey Zhao commented, “MK” this situation.

– In our country there is legislation that strictly reglementary the field of transplantation. Moreover, this area is complex and fully controlled. Therefore, such cases of selling kidneys could be regarded as a cheap speculation. The doctor must be insane to make such things to do. And, by the way, alone is also not to be done, must be criminalised whole sphere, and with it the whole country. Therefore, such cases in Russia, very rare exception. Because there is a law, which clearly stipulates that the organs and tissues of the person cannot be subject of sale. And no sane doctor to deal with such things will not be exact.

By the way, I want to remind you that if, for example, a child is lost or my husband comes from work, this does not mean that someone was caught and sent to “the authorities”. All of this urban world. Again, in Russia, the sale of organs is not possible and prohibited by law.

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