“The Russian Orthodox Church came to the defense of the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar”

It noted that this Opera “brought many into the Church”

– The Moscow Patriarchate expressed its disagreement with the public in some regions, which advocated the prohibition of show of the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar”.

“The Church does not suppress creativity, blessing artists to inspire Evangelical subjects in his works,” – said the head of the Synodal Department for relations between the ROC society and the media Vladimir Legoyda, which which on Tuesday quoted him the press service.

Commenting on the appeal of residents of Tyumen Governor Vladimir Yakushev with a request to cancel the screening of the rock Opera, Legoyda called upon to distinguish between noncanonical and blasphemous image of the Shrine, Recalling that referred to the rock-Opera “led many in the Church.”

“The result of this creative pursuit does not and cannot make artists or evangelists, Holy fathers of the Church, works which were created by Church tradition and teaching. The art works based on biblical stories that show us glimpses of Christian culture,” Legoyda believes.

According to the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, these works by their nature can not have a dogmatic or canonical authority, they can give rise to disputes and discussions, to be more or less successful, they can be taken or not, “but you can’t deny the artist to draw inspiration in Scripture”.

“Between blasphemous and non-canonical image of the Shrine – chasm, invisible only culturally short-sighted man” – said Legoyda.

Earlier it became known that the administration of the Omsk state musical theatre has canceled scheduled for November 1, staging of “Jesus Christ superstar” in St. Petersburg theatre “Rock Opera”. This decision was taken after the mayor addressed the activists of the public movement “Family, love, Fatherland”.

The other day with a request to cancel the screening of the rock Opera was made by the residents of Tyumen.

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