A sensible view of things. How to maintain the vision and care of the eyes?

There are several ways to take care of their eyes and not to develop numerous diseases.


Means the occupational health. To eyes less fatigued, a distance from the computer screen should be at least 50-60 cm of Light in the working room should be neither too bright nor dull — perfect diffuse ambient lighting. The working equipment must be kept clean and at least once a week to wipe the dust. The greatest attention, by the way, not so much the monitor, as the keyboard on which bacteria visible-invisible.

Every hour of work at the computer need to be distracted even for a few minutes. For example, to admire the view outside the window. It’s even better to do 5‑minute exercises for the eyes. And of course, to walk in the fresh air — physical activity improves blood circulation throughout the body and in the blood vessels in the eyes, too. But the habit of reading in transport (no matter what at this point in the hands of a physical book or an electronic gadget) it is better to leave. From the constant shaking of the optic muscle excessively perenapravljaetsja that the vision is not good.

Direct on sharpness. Gymnastics for tired eyes

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Delicious prevention

Most important to view substance — vitamin a-found in yellow and bright orange fruits and vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, peppers, oranges, persimmon) and also in honey, which improves color vision. Good effect on the ocular apricots (both fresh and dried). The drinks are very useful carrot juice with sour cream.

The girl in the dungeon. How useful carrot

Nice to “refresh” the vision and beets. Two tablespoons of its juice is good to add to carrot juice and consume regularly. Useful for eyes antioxidant-rich blueberries. Of protein products indispensable curd, boiled fish, beef, Turkey, rabbit. Very useful grains, cereals (especially buckwheat), cabbage and bananas — they are rich in b vitamins, essential for transmission of nerve impulses and maintaining normal eye pressure. Beneficial to view all sources of vitamin C (fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs) — ascorbic acid strengthens the walls of blood vessels of the eye, improves blood circulation in the eye, reduces tension of the eye muscles.

Visible support

Finally, it is virtually impossible to do without special vitamin-mineral complexes and dietary SUPPLEMENTS to strengthen the view. To drink they should rate at least twice a year: in spring and autumn. There are drugs for eye protection in the form of drops.

How useful is vitamin B2 and in what products it contains?

They especially need people a lot of time sitting at the computer, as well as allergies, cigarette smokers, users of contact lenses and, finally, women in menopause, which reduces the moisture content of all mucous membranes. Moisturizing products, which include vitamins and minerals, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes, not only eliminate discomfort, but also protect the eyes from many diseases caused by dryness of the mucosa: for example, dry eye syndrome, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis. As well as contribute to the restoration of the mucous membranes, so they can be effective in the early phase of keratitis, and also dystrophy and corneal opacity. Those whose work involves a great visual tension, and also to all who crossed the threshold of middle age, to use them regularly useful.

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