Media: Russian carriers increase compensation for the delay

If the Air code of the Russian Federation will be amended in accordance with the Montreal Convention, which was joined by Russia, a compensation for the delay that will be able to get the passenger will rise to 380 thousand rubles, writes Kommersant.

What can extra to land the plane?

The Ministry of transport, the newspaper reported that now in Air code, making some changes, for example, can be increased the maximum amount of compensation, and the Convention gives the right to sue the carrier at the place of residence of the passenger. Now passengers can receive 25 roubles for each hour of flight delay but in total not more than the cost of the ticket.

The Montreal Convention adopted in 1999 and entered into force in 2003, currently joined by 119 States. It will unify the rules for international air travel and protect passengers ‘ rights. In particular, the airlines, according to the Convention, responsible for injury or death of a passenger on Board and when boarding and disembarking.

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