The Curiosity Rover found a strange metal meteorite on the red planet

Exploring the Mars Rover Curiosity came across a metal meteorite, lying on the surface of the red planet on the slope of mount sharp. Pictures of the meteorite, taken by the Mars Rover, introduced the American space Agency NASA.

Unusual object was in the way of Curiosity on October 28. The diameter of the meteorite is only about four inches. It is assumed that it consists mainly of iron and Nickel. Due to the shape of the object and the fact that it looks almost “polished”, experts have given the meteorite nicknamed Egg Rock (“stone egg”). Smooth surface and unusual striations indicate that in the fall of the object heated up and melted.

As experts explain, by itself, the fact that the Rover stumbled upon the meteorite, is not overly surprising. The red planet is littered with rocks from space, and in connection with absence on it of the geological processes and oxygen-rich atmosphere, meteorites can lie quietly on the surface for millions of years. In this case the chances of solid metal asteroid is not destroyed on the approach to the surface even higher than the other. However, every such discovery is a good news for scientists because the study of the Martian meteorites sometimes provides additional information about the asteroid Belt.

NASA experts say that the object that with a little imagination can make for a mysterious alien device that actually has a pretty ordinary origin. In all likelihood, he moved to Mars from the Central part of the asteroid Belt located between the orbits of the red planet and Jupiter. That is the gravitational field of Jupiter, as suggested by professionals, and could “push” the object in the direction of Mars.

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