Contact lenses to monitor blood sugar levels

Greg Herman, Professor at the University of Oregon. Photo: OSU

The research team from the University of Oregon (Oregon State University) has been developing contact lenses for patients with diabetes. Lenses transparent will be equipped with a sensor that does not interfere with the review. Users lenses will be able to abandon the regular measurement of blood sugar by conventional methods, the sensor can determine the level of glucose in the tear fluid.

The main component of the lens – nano transistor made of amorphous gallium oxide, indium and zinc (IGZO FET). The cost of the nanostructure transistor is low, and to get it easy sensors lens the researchers did by using colloidal lithography and electrohydrodynamic printing.

This device will be able in real time to transmit the obtained information to the insulin pump, regulating the flow of insulin into the blood. Therefore, the sensor and pump will work together as an artificial pancreas. In addition, the sensor will be able to send information to a smartphone with the installed application so the patient to get all necessary data about the level of sugar throughout the day.

The authors showed that the sensor responded only to the change in the concentration of glucose, and the addition of a solution of other components for its operation is not affected.

Greg Herman (Greg Herman) explained that such sensors can be used for tracking in the lacrimal fluid concentrations of other substances – for example, stress hormones. With their help, you can also measure the concentration of tumor biomarkers, which are used for cancer diagnosis.

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