In Lipetsk the children were playing kitten baseball “were laughing together”

Lipetsk animal rights activists collected funds for the treatment of a kitten named Cartoon, which kids used as a ball for game in baseball. The victim of cruel amusements were sent for treatment to St. Petersburg: the animal was paralyzed hind legs and started having problems with urination.


From animal welfare activists continue to be disturbing reports about the cruel treatment of animals. Another resonant case occurred in Lipetsk in the Central market area. The children decided to play a live kitten in baseball: they threw the defenseless animal into the air like a ball, and then beat him with sticks that mimicked bits.

As they say in animal welfare groups in social networks, children with interest observed, how far will fly off the kitten, and “were laughing together”. The bullying continued up until the “evil pack” is not dispersed two caring women.

After the tailed beasts were fed and examined, it became clear that he did not operate his hind legs, also have problems with urination.

In the end, the Movie decided to go for treatment in one of veterinary clinics of St. Petersburg, told RIA Novosti animal rights activist Svetlana Lebedeva. “As long as the kitten does not pass the screening, it is difficult to assess his condition,” she said.

As expected, in the Northern capital of the Cartoon will be examined by the neurologist, the internist, the radiologist, also he will do a CT scan or MRI.

Recently a large public resonance was caused by history Khabarovsk zhivoderok. According to investigators, the victims of two seventeen year old girls were at least 15 animals. In respect of habarovchanin a criminal case, one of them placed under house arrest.

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