Surgeon from Ulan-Ude has successfully operated on a girl with a weight of 800 grams

Photo: press-service of Kazakhstan emergency hospital

In Ulan-Ude was successfully operated prematurely born girl with severe malformations of the digestive system. The baby’s bowel was outside the body, and it was necessary to put in place in the abdominal cavity, in addition, the esophagus of the newborn have not been reported with the stomach. In order that the girl could eat normally, needed urgent surgical intervention.

The procedure conducted by the head of Department of pediatric surgery of the Republican clinical hospital of ambulance of a name of V. V. Angapova Bair Venchikov, one of the most experienced physicians of Buryatia. He holds a degree of candidate of medical Sciences, the highest qualification category and works as a surgeon for nearly 25 years. The doctor was able to stretch the tiny abdomen of the girl born in the period of 7 months, weighing just 800 grams, and put the intestines back where he was supposed to be originally. After that he put the required stitches. In such operations it is especially important to avoid hemorrhage, and the surgeon did it. The second intervention, the baby was moved 2 days later after the first doctors restored the patency of her esophagus.

Now the baby see’s specialists-neonatologists of the Children’s Republican clinical hospital. Multiple malformations have been successfully corrected, and now the girl will have long recovery.

Recall, another unique operation on the esophagus of a premature baby was held in Tyumen there was born a boy is not enough 5 cm of the esophagus. The surgeons were able to stretch the existing part of the body is sufficient to adjust the gap, and after a few months after the procedure, the child was discharged home.

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