NASA showed a color snapshot of the site on Mars where it crashed Schiaparelli

The European space Agency (ESA) published a color photo of the site on Mars where it crashed on the descent module of the Russian-European mission “Eczemas”, reports TASS.

Mars is getting closer. The dream of deep space missions is becoming a reality

It is reported that this picture compared to the previous black-and-white image is slightly “shifted” to the West.

“So, about several bright white spots around the dark region now we can confidently say that they are real objects, not digital noise in the image. Therefore, they likely represent fragments of Schiaparelli”, — stated in the message.

To the South, 900 metres from this area, sealed parachute system and heat shield.

We will remind that on 22 October, the ESA confirmed that the landing module crashed while landing on the red planet. Contact with spokeman device ended 19 October, at the time of his descent to the Martian surface.

Russian-European mission “ExoMars-2016” was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome using rocket “proton-M” on March 14. The mission includes apparatus TGO demonstration landing module Schiaparelli.

The second phase of the mission ExoMars was initially planned for 2020.

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