A cataract operation will be conducted by the robot

Photo: Cambridge Consultant

Surgery to remove cataracts is one of the most popular in the world. Annually about 20 million such operations. Surgeons remove the clouded lens, and replacing it with artificial – this allows you to restore vision. Complications during surgery they develop rather rare, but still occur – many of them connected with erroneous actions of microsurgeons performing the manipulation.

Experts from the company Cambridge Consultants has created a robot surgeon Axsis, which is able to carry out the operation for cataract. Its movement will be more accurate than the movements of the surgeons that will help to minimize the development of complications.

The robot is equipped with two Axsis “hands” that are able to perform all the necessary for the operation of movement in a confined space, the radius of which does not exceed 10 mm. the robot is operated using two joysticks, as operational field Manager device doctor sees on the screen.

Chris Wagner (Chris Wagner) one of the creators of the robot, explains that the clinics are actively used by the robotic system Da Vinci. However, due to their large size to carry out such a laborious operation, like cataract operation, they quite difficult. Axsis is deprived of this drawback. In addition, the developers believe that the new device will be much cheaper than other robotic surgeons.

Not so long ago, another research group said that R2D2 had a successful surgery on the retina of the patient. Scientists said they plan to hold more than ten such transactions.

The creators also Axsis believe that the new robot will be useful not only in ophthalmology, but also when performing gastrointestinal surgeries, for example, removing polyps.

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