Alain Delon: “I am created for success and not for happiness”


Born November 8, 1935 movie Star and sex symbol of the 1960s-1980s years. The winner of the prize “Cesar” for best male role in the film “Our history” (1984)and award a Golden globe as “most promising newcomer among men.” Officer of the Legion of honour.
Little about a star of French cinema so much said and written about Alain Delon. But the scandalous scribblers suffered, not so much the reputation of the actor, and, paradoxically, first of all they themselves, the authors of the articles and studies about him, “the living God”. In France, I almost always won any courts. Even when he was accused of having links with the criminal world. However, friendship is not a crime… especially since he never denied that familiar with criminals. After all, he spent his youth in the poor neighborhoods, among thieves and swindlers. After returning from the army, I worked as a waiter and a longshoreman, but always wanted to be famous. However, no special abilities he never showed up. And yet… He was extremely handsome and with youth know how to use the beauty, seducing girls whom he had apparently invisible: heard about a young boy, they came to the institution, which usually hung Alain to meet you. Had he and Mature women.

Brigitte Aubert in the movie “to Catch a thief.”

Meeting with the actress Brigitte Aubert helped Delone to start a new life. Along with his sidekick Jean-Claude Brialy he was trying to break into film in a variety of ways, and in the end his blue eyes and animal magnetism, luck, and experience did the trick. Of course, the first role and could bring a resounding success, but he quickly was lucky – he drew attention to the great Luchino Visconti, who said of him: “I saw Rocco!” But even before the famed actor of the film “Rocco and his brothers”, he managed to gain popularity, playing in a really successful movie from rené clément in the role of Tom Ripley – “In the sun” – adaptation of the famous novel by Patricia Highsmith “the Talented Mr. Ripley.” This character he will portray on the screen a lot more time: angel and devil in one person, a renegade, and have not found their place in society, the criminal with the eyes of an innocent, a lonely and misunderstood child. A similar role he will play in the best pictures: “Samurai”, “the Sicilian clan”, “Adventurers”, “the Red circle”, “Two in the city.” And eventually I was and become something similar to such characters, saying: “the Profession of an actor leads to loneliness.”

Francine Canova in the film “Samurai”.

After a whirlwind romance with Schneider Delon married actress Nathalie barthélemy (real name Francine Canova). And the couple Delon soon had a son, who was named Anthony. But life with Natalie also went wrong – soon the couple parted. Did not work and the relationship with his son, whom Alain Delon loved. Anthony even went to jail for car theft and weapons possession. Growing up, he also starred in the movie, sometimes very successfully, but still an outstanding actor did not. Delon Sr. even once pleaded with her son when he wanted to use for a clothing line initials A. D. the actor Himself was actively engaged in various businesses, from perfume and clothing to cognac and real estate.

Mireille d’arc in the movie “return of the tall blond”.

After breaking up with his wife I was together with actress Mireille d’arc. This relationship was happy – it lasted 15 years. But then I happened novels, for example, a very young Anne parillaud, who played in his directorial debut “Indomitable”.

Anne Parillaud. Photo:

Once I was standing firmly on his feet, then immediately created the “Adele produks” on. He wanted to regulate the creative process from beginning to end. He was always important, who he’s on the set. The first movie – “Unconquered” – he prodyusiroval in 1964. Film luck did not. Alain Delon – certainly a controversial personality. For a while he even became the hero of a humorous TV shows, and pamphlets. Addiction to right-wing views he is also hurt. Traditionally, figures of culture hold liberal views, and Delon said: “you Can consider me a fascist, but I hate communism”. He supported the famous far-right politician Jean-Marie Le pen, whose daughter has recently achieved such impressive success in the presidential elections in France.

Now right popular. And then many just turned away from the actor, especially after they supported the candidate from the party of Le pen caught in a financial scandal.

Rosalie Van Bremen. Photo:

Meanwhile, in 1990, he married 21-year-old model Rosalie van Bremen. A year later a daughter was born to Anna. In 1994 my son was born and he was given the name Allen. Second marriage Delon ended in scandal: Rosalie left her husband, unable to withstand its severe nature. Then, I devoted my life to children. He especially loves the table, which, as adults, also became an actress. He has a child out of wedlock – Arias, born in 1962, which, in fact, was brought up by his mother Edith. Alain did not recognize the child as his…

How to play a good actor. History Of Jean-Paul Belmondo

Many people think it is natural that the actor in his old age alone. He said: “I cannot be tamed!” Often his career in a movie called “defective”. In fact , Belmondo became one of the symbols of the French “new wave”. But Delon starred in Visconti!

And gave the history of cinema has some great movies. What would they be without him – who knows? “I’m created for success and not for happiness,” confided the actor. Loneliness for such for not more than a side effect and a number of loud victories always looks a mere trifle.

The most striking novel

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider in the film “swimming Pool”.

Romy Schneider. To die without love

The novel Delon and Romy Schneider was so beautiful and so tragic… living it was the love of my life. For Delon – important meeting. Should be, and he has his own way loved her. Romi forced him to read books – after all, he had there was not so much the acting, but any education. That’s what he learned about the great artists and philosophers. After several years of marriage – they were already betrothed, I left Schneider for his future wife Natalie, waiting for the baby. When he married, shocked, he tried to commit suicide. She was saved, but she was never able to recover from the shock. Two times she got married, and both marriages failed. Are unable to survive only in the death of a beloved son. Rumors of suicide have not been confirmed – reported that the actress has not sustained heart. I was very much involved in the funeral Schneider, but, as many thought, for the sake of self-promotion.

Russian love

Alain Delon and Irina Rozanova in the movie “happy New year, moms!”.

In 2012, Alain Delon starred in the sequel to the Russian film “Moms”. His character falls in love with a Russian teacher, whose son gives a ride to Paris. Irina Rozanova, who performed the role of this teacher, told us: “Meeting with Alain Delon – it was a fairy tale. When I read the script, I thought: “Well, maybe Alain Delon, or maybe not, he is going to be.” Because we usually write in the script that shooting abroad, and then it turns out that they are in the suburbs, in a cafe of “Eight”. So, after reading this story, I not even imagined that there will be a real Delon. Absolutely simple, very human and understanding. He gave me two roses, so I like the herbarium preserve.”

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