Astrophysicists have picked up a signal from outer space, sent 7 billion years ago

Using the MAGIC telescope and Fermi-LAT scientists were able to record the gamma-ray burst, the source of which is incredibly far away from our planet.. the Signal reached Earth just now occurred seven billion years ago when the Solar system did not exist, and the whole universe was half its current age, than it is now.


Scientists have determined that the signal comes from the blazar QSO, called B0218+357, the most distant source of high-energy gamma radiation known to science today. Blazey — one of the most energetically powerful phenomenon in the Universe. They combine quasars (active nuclei of distant galaxies, which presumably is a supermassive black hole) and this BL Lacertae (sources of electromagnetic radiation in the cores of some galaxies, characterized by a high variability of brilliance and continuous spectrum in all ranges of electromagnetic radiation).

The energy reached the Earth’s photons is estimated by experts in 65-175 GeV. Before you get on the planet, the radiation was rejected by her so-called “gravitational lens”, in which quality made with a powerful gravitational field of the galaxy B0218+357G. According to experts, gamma photons, bypassed the galaxy “near to us” side, reached the Ground 11 days earlier, because it appeared to be necessary to make a slightly smaller way. This allowed scientists to more accurately calculate the distance to the blazar and make sure it is a record. Reportedly, quite surprising is the fact that the radiation from such a distant object was able to reach the Ground.

Powerful sources of electromagnetic radiation, located in deep space, represent an important subject of study of extragalactic astronomy is the field that studies the objects outside of our galaxy

Article scientists published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

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