The media learned about the possible increase of the tax burden on real estate

Photo: Nikita Popov/RBC

Preparing government amendments to the legislation can lead to an increase in the tax burden on real estate

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the representative of the Ministry of economic development, the draft amendments to the legislation on cadastral valuation developed and submitted for revision to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The essence of the changes is that if the current law prohibits to increase the cadastral valuation by 2020, the proposed amendments will allow the regions themselves to decide whether to revise these numbers and how often to do it.

As reported by the newspaper in a press-service of the President of the chamber of Commerce Sergei Katyrin, the government bill nullifies introduced in July a moratorium on the review of the assessment. This position is not agreed by the representative of the Ministry of economic development, which argues that to revise the assessment will be possible only after the region will move to the new system. According to him, the only region that has the full information on the quality of cadastral valuation and cadastral value of objectivity.

The Chairman of the Committee on real estate of CCI Alexander Kanshin assumes that the regions will not give up the opportunity to improve assessment and budget revenues during the crisis. He believes that it is likely that the overestimation in some regions, the price will decrease, he said. However, overestimated this year, commercial real estate, it only grew.

President of NP “Expert advice” Alexey Kaminsky indicates that citizens this is the first year you pay property tax on the cadastral value, but many forget that the sum term will increase by about 5 times, so very few people disputed the assessment. In his opinion, if the amendments are adopted and the state assessors can re-assess, it will not be better, as the government expects. The causes of errors — as a source of information, and no serious measures to improve it is not taken.

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