Ecologists are predicting the imminent extinction of hundreds of species of birds

The risk of extinction from the face of the Earth a huge set of existing species can largely be underestimated. To such conclusion experts from Duke University in Durham, with the help of modern technology preproorexin the status of nearly 600 different species of birds.


As the researchers note, today the main reference to learn which species primarily threatened by extinction, the Red book remains. Although the scientists did not call to underestimate the role of this list, they draw attention to the fact that over a quarter of a century the principles of its formation are significantly outdated and do not allow to fully apply all the techniques that have become available over the years thanks to technological advances.

Because the team of researchers came mostly ornithologists, experts have traced over 586 species of birds that live in different regions, including in the forests of the Amazon and Central America, the mountains of South-East Asia, Western Andes, and the Islands of Madagascar and Sumatra. While experts used are “underrated” in such landmarks as satellite imagery, data from aircraft observations and so on.

As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that the danger facing approximately 210 of the studied bird species, to date, underestimated, and many of these species may disappear in the coming years, if humanity does not take any measures to protect them.

Experts say that the main reason for which the number of birds is reduced, is deforestation and further building on areas of deforestation human settlements. It not only destroys the natural place of habitat of endangered species, but also may affect the climate, and to changes of this kind, many species are extremely sensitive.

Article scientists published in the journal Science Advances.

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