UFO found on the moon bunker aliens

Made from lunar orbit photo of the crater Bancroft ufologists saw a strange box that, in their opinion, is the entrance to the underground bunker built by aliens. Allegedly, the hole leading to the base of aliens, is 50 to 70 meters.

photo: pixabay.com

Some Internet users reacted to the frame with interest and even expressed regret that the United States has no plans in the near future to return to the moon. However, the majority reacted to the “opening” skeptical: some believe that actually the mysterious square is not anything unusual, while others are inclined to believe that he was simply “painted on” to the picture by ufologists to draw attention to himself.

Anyway, this is not the first, including recently, when the moon had traces of “alien bases. For example, in September, ufologists saw the satellite of the earth a strange hill, with a little imagination resembles a questionnaire. And earlier (but also in the current year), the network has several different reports on whole “neighborhoods” of aliens and dozens of buildings on the lunar surface. One of these images, reported to have been published by former NASA employee Ken Johnson (however, a promotion version of ufologists as to what is shown there, is not engaged in it). And recently in the Internet appeared the message about the two space alien ships flying over the Moon in tactical formation.

However, today a much greater interest ufologists than the Moon, Mars attracts — most likely, for the reason that snapshots are automated Rovers provide much more room for imagination than those made from lunar orbit. This also explains the greater variety of “reports” self-proclaimed experts on the Mars — there for the last time saw lots of animals and their remains, tomb and cave paintings, robot, the landing pad for a UFO, and more. Of course, in fact in all these cases we are talking about shadows and stones of unusual shape.

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