Fish declared dangerous to the human immune system

Polluting the ocean, thus people indirectly harm themselves stronger than previously thought. A group of researchers under the leadership of AMRO of Hamdouna of Skripkauskas Oceanographic Institute have found that harmful substances, polluting the oceans and other bodies of water, poison first live in them fish, and then — and people that fish eat.


Having studied yellowfin tuna, researchers found their muscle tissue traces of toxic substances in the composition of the pesticides and by-products of the petrochemical industry. Consuming such fish, a person thereby greatly weaken their immune system. Moreover, if we take into account that some individuals body was discovered several types of various pollutants, their simultaneous contact with the human body would be for him an even greater threat.

The specialists suggest that their findings apply not only to yellowfin tuna, and maybe not just for fish — it is likely that substances, which poisons the nature of man, could also get to the body land animals, and as a consequence, in meat and milk.

The experts, who published their study in the journal Science Advances, suggest that these data can be considered as an additional reason to pay more attention to existing environmental problems.

Another curious illustration, largely confirming those findings, we can consider another study, which in July hosted a group of Swedish scientists from Uppsala University. They found that in recent years, some fish prefer plastic full of food like some teenagers prefer junk food, not healthy food. Experts have expressed concern that substances of micro-plastic particles, once in the body of the perch, then you can move up the food chain, causing damage to entire ecosystems.

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