In Portland protests against trump resulted in riots

In Portland Oregon started a riot, which grew from initially peaceful protests against the elected President of the USA of Donald trump. Initially dissatisfied with the results of the elections citizens simply protested on the streets with placards saying “Not my President” and also with the flags of Mexico (due to the negative attitude policy towards migrants). However, the evening of 10 November the peaceful protest began to take on a criminal hue.

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Currently, the city has spread to several pockets of unrest: people smashing shop Windows, cars, set fire to the boxes with Newspapers, throwing stones at police, pulled massively to the streets in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

Portland police continually puts in his Twitter calls for protesters to disperse, reminding them that their actions are illegal. However, while the crowd continues to run amok.

Not My Kind Of Protest. #Portland #notmypresident

— nowHere (@treytheruler) November 11, 2016

At the moment it is known that detained several people. The police used non-lethal weapons to disperse the crowd. Residents encouraged to avoid areas where the protesters are concentrated.

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