Station serial thief was stealing from conductors under the guise of mourners

The storm of the conductors of the trains was a guest performer from Ukraine detained the Metropolitan detectives. He hunted thefts from tram driver compartment at railway stations of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ivanovo.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The investigators of the transport police detained a citizen of “independence” after another steal at Paveletsky station. Just on account of men they were seventeen, and the damage amounted to more than a hundred thousand rubles. His “professional” activity 37-year-old Andrew (name changed) started three years ago, after a prison term for fraud. Worker freed from places not so remote and decided to change the scope of activities – retrained from the crook in the “large” of the thief. Before leaving the train, using the fact that the train conductor was busy checking the documents of passengers, it is under the guise of mourners went to the car and cleaned out the jobs of railroad workers. Typically the crook was stealing from handbags, wallets with money and credit cards. But if in a conspicuous place lay a phone or other gadget, they became the villain. Money with stolen credit cards Andrew was shot in a nearby ATM, and phones and tablets selling on the cheap railway taxi drivers. In Moscow, he cleaned out patroescu, Ivanovo three. Most of the conductors were injured in St. Petersburg — the city on the Neva a stranger had committed ten thefts. During the investigation, the performer had to put in jail. After all, the villain had no permanent place of residence-spent the night at casual acquaintances and hostels. As reported by “MK” in the Moscow-Ryazanskiy transport Prosecutor’s office, Deputy Prosecutor approved the indictment and sent it to the court for consideration on the merits.

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