The mother of a high school girl stabbed a classmate, and asked not to punish him

On the ears was put the employees of the Department of education after the incident at school at Polytechnic College number 2 on the Large Pochtovaya street on Friday — before school 15-year-old teenager was stabbed 16-year-old classmate. The mother of the injured girls has no claims to the offender withdraws all during the Teens.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, the conflict in teenagers (they met on 1 September, as settled at this College) arose out of nowhere. In the office before school the boys were bullying each other — like, the boy first asked a classmate, saying, who is she then such. The young lady (she is on the account at inspectors due to the behavior and also Smoking) for word in pocket is not useful. Mini-altercation over the fact that the young man pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent in the stomach. Teachers called an ambulance, the victim was hospitalized in children’s hospital. She wound surface. Doctors stitched up the damage and planned to release the patient home.

The College was raided by the verification from the higher ranks of the Department of education, the staff talked with the parents of the students. Boy raised by single mother (the woman working in the Bank). Previously, he was seen arguing with classmates, but the stabbing is not reached. The mother of a wounded student wrote a statement in which asks to stop the test.

No claims neither to the administration nor to the boy have not. This is all teenage stuff, hormones. Daughter sociable person. Prior to that, she with this child faced. Actually, judging by her stories, they have a whole class like this, very emotional guys, – the woman told police.

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