In Crimea told why Ukraine denies gas supplies in Genichesk

Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Dmitry Polonsky said that the Ukrainian authorities deny the supply of gas from Russia in Genichesk and will to continue to do this, otherwise Kiev will have to admit failure to help its citizens in a difficult autumn-winter period.

Why the Crimea began to supply gas to Ukrainian Genichesk?

“If they accept the fact of gas supply from the Crimea, it will be for them a complete defeat and loss. This would mean that they recognize their complete impotence in terms of restoring order in the southern territories… and show their utter helplessness and inability to establish a stable gas supply for the population” – quoted Putin RIA Novosti.

Last Saturday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed to ensure the supply of gas to Henichesk district, Kherson region after treatment of local residents, received by the authorities of the Crimea. After that on the Peninsula organised the delivery of gas to Ukraine. However, later, the Ukrainian side has denied the information on the supply of fuel from Russia.

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