SKR detained the group administrator “Vkontakte” bow their children to suicide

In Moscow arrested the Manager of one of the closed groups in social network “Vkontakte”, in which teenagers were inclined to commit suicide. According to some, we are talking about Philip Sudeikine, which is more in the life of Philip Fox.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The young man was detained in Solnechnogorsk. As reported RIA Novosti, the Investigative Committee, the suspect and his accomplices managed several virtual communities from December 2013 to may 2016.

In their groups they openly encouraged children and adolescents to commit suicide, while access to communities was limited. Administrators gave the participants tasks, which often were associated with mutilation.

Those who “successfully” perform the task increased, and gradually bringing them to a “final test”. Investigators believe the administrators acted with the help of precise emotional tactics. As a result, the children were indoctrinated with the idea that death is the only way for “salvation” from all problems.

“Blew half the country”: the Creator of the suicidal group continues to enjoy life

This spring’s theme of “groups of death” became interested in media. Broke out a huge scandal, after which the investigating authorities have opened a criminal case under article “Incitement to suicide”.

At the moment it is established that on account of the instigators are 15 dead, five injured. The public was shocked by the fact that one of these intruders was a 13 year old girl from Omsk.

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