Astrophysics: supermassive black holes are slowly killing the Universe

Many billions of years ago in gas filling the Universe began to form stars and galaxies, and that made the cosmos the way it is today. Today, however, in many galaxies the process of star formation is slowing down. Experts from the University of California, riverside is a tendency to blame quasars — huge and incredibly bright objects containing supermassive black holes.


Observing the most distant quasars, experts came to the conclusion that they suck up more and more substances, and emit hydrogen and dust outside galaxies, thereby slowing the rate at which stars are formed. According to experts, this has led to the fact that for a billion years, the universe was to produce two times less energy, including light and heat.

That “dimming” of the Universe is associated with distant quasars, according to the data obtained in the framework of the project BOSS, explain the researchers. As they say, the spectrum of these quasars suggests that they, unlike the inactive to date, supermassive black gift, are not covered from us by clouds of dust and gas. This, according to scientists, quasars gradually destroy the surrounding galaxy. It should be noted that the supermassive black hole at the center of almost every galaxy, including the milky way.

Their findings, researchers shared in the pages of scientific editions of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

We will remind, recently a group of science communicators working with channel Kurzgesagt on YouTube, talked about a slightly different scenario, the death of the Universe — a hypothetical process known as decay of the false vacuum — an event that, according to modern scientific ideas, could happen if the Higgs field rushed to the stable state. This, according to experts, could in space will be subject to the so-called “true vacuum”, in which would not function a Standard model.

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