In moderation alcohol can be beneficial

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Moderate drinking may be healthier than complete rejection of it. This was stated by scientists from the University of Tasmania (University of Tasmania). According to them, alcohol in a quantity equivalent to 10-20 grams of ethanol, reduces the risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

In the study, which was led by Duc De (Duc Du), was attended by 2,200 people, whose average age was about 29.5 years. Out of this number 54% had consumed alcohol in quantities of less than 10 grams of alcohol per day (low consumption), 13% did not drink alcohol at all, 22% drank every day, about 10-20 grams of alcohol (intermediate level), 5% — 20-30 grams of alcohol (high level), 6% — more than 30 grams daily (a very high level of alcohol consumption). Researchers examined all participants of scientific work, finding out how high the chance of developing each of them metabolic syndrome is a complex disease, which can in turn. lead to pathologies of the cardiovascular system. The metabolic syndrome is characterized by symptoms such as high blood pressure, low “good” cholesterol, a large amount of blood sugar, triglycerides and increased waist circumference.

In comparison with people who used alcohol in very small amounts, participants with a medium level of use the likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome was lower. For those who almost never drank, not drink or drank more than the average, the odds of disease occurrence were almost identical. The people who decline from drinking alcohol completely, waist circumference was on average higher, and the number of “good” cholesterol in the body. At the medium and high level of alcohol consumption concentration of “good” cholesterol was higher than at low level. However, those who daily drank more than 20 grams of alcohol, blood pressure was significantly higher.

The experts also took into account factors such as the physical activity level of participants and the presence or absence of depression. Duk Doo and his colleagues stressed that a direct causal relationship between the level of alcohol consumption and the risk of developing metabolic syndrome they found, however, young people should take into account both positive and negative aspects of alcohol when they make a decision on whether to drink or not to drink.

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