Matviyenko called the terms of the visit of international organisations to Crimea

Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko said that the Russian authorities can prevent visits to the Crimea international organizations, if these visits will not be used as a “political, biased tool”, reports RIA Novosti.

The Gora in Sevastopol. Ukraine is a diversionary war against Crimea?

This statement Matvienko made in response to the question of whether to admit Russia the mission of observers to Crimea.

We will remind that earlier Ukraine has introduced a UN General Assembly draft resolution, the proposal for international monitoring of the situation in Crimea.

The authorities excited about the observance of human rights. Supported the initiative of the 73 States, 23 countries opposed, and 76 abstaining.

The Russian foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian project called “useless propaganda leaflet.”

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