Moscow authorities have published the list of streets with Parking for 200 rubles.

Photo: Vladislav Shatilo/RBC

On a Single transport portal published a list of 723 the streets where from 2 December will increase the price of Parking. 133 streets that are most congested in the opinion of the DMV, the Parking tariffs will increase to 200 RUB per hour

On a Single transport portal of Moscow has published a list of 723 the streets, from December 2 will operate an increased rate for Parking.

133 the busiest streets the cost of Parking will rise to 200 rubles per hour around the clock.

In the Boulevard ring area 32 on the streets from eight in the morning until eight in the evening the first half hour of Parking will cost 50 rubles., and the first hour is 150 rubles and 80 rubles each subsequent hour. The rest of the time the Parking fee will be 80 rubles per hour.

211 the streets of Moscow within the Garden ring from the Dec Parking tariffs will be as follows: from 8:00 to 20:00 the first hour will cost 60 rubles, every next hour will cost 100 RUB. In the rest of the time Parking will cost 60 rubles. per hour.

Within the Third transport ring 356 on the streets the price of Parking will rise to 60 rubles per hour around the clock.

Currently, Parking within the Boulevard ring, as well as in the area of “Moscow-city” from 8:00 to 20:00 cost 80 rubles for the first hour, then 130 rubles per hour, while the rest of the time — 80 rubles per hour. Between the Garden and Boulevard rings, Parking costs 60 rubles per hour, beyond the Garden — 40 rubles per hour.

In the Metropolitan DMV said that the decision on the differentiation of tariff on the basis of workload was based on a study of the Moscow automobile-road Institute. Change, according to the press service, affect those sections of streets where there is acute problem of the lack of available Parking spaces, “which causes drivers to leave cars with violations, or “wind” circles in search of Parking spaces, creating wild traffic.”

“In addition, this measure will allow residents of the most congested streets again Parking near the house and not spend time looking for a place for the car”, — added in the DMV.

That MADI has proposed to raise the tariff for Parking of up to 230 rubles per hour became known in early November.

In late September, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that in his opinion “the lack of Parking is not solved by increasing the number of Parking spaces, and their rise in price”. He specified that the cost should increase if Parking is filled more than 80%.

The first paid Parking appeared in the capital in 2012. First became pay 21 streets within the Boulevard ring. In may 2013, the paid Parking zone was expanded to the limits of the Boulevard ring, and in winter to the Garden ring. Beyond the TTC paid Parking out in 2015.

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