Six seriously ill children from Syria brought for treatment in Russia

Six Syrian children aged six to 14 years, suffering from serious diseases, delivered at the Military medical Academy named after Kirov in St. Petersburg, where they will undergo treatment, according to the Ministry of defence.

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Young patients come to the Russian hospital of the liberated areas of Syria. For a long time the settlements where they lived, sick children, was controlled by the terrorists, so some of the guys for a few years did not receive needed care, said the Russian defense Ministry.

Among the patients are children, suffering from diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, nervous system, kidney, gastrointestinal tract and others. Now they have to undergo specialised treatment, including if necessary, they will do the surgery.

At the clinic the children will spend at least three weeks, experts say. They will stay with their parents. Also they are accompanied by interpreters.

The decision to transport a seriously ill Syrian children in Russia for treatment was made by the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. For the Ministry of defence this is the first experience, about the civil-like lines already carried, said the Agency.

Previously, Russia has passed a course of treatment and rehabilitation of 12-year-old Syrian girl Sidra za’arur’s, during shelling of Aleppo lost both legs. Russia treated Irina barakah, who lost an arm and a leg, covering children from the bombing in Aleppo.

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