The EU has proposed to introduce a fee of €5 with tourists from visa-free countries

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

The European Commission intends to introduce a proposal to charge $ 5 from tourists from visa-free countries. The measure will affect residents of about 60 countries, which potentially can enter and UK

The Commission’s proposal should be published on Wednesday, 16 November, reports the Financial Times. The plan of the European Commission, the tourists visiting the Schengen countries will have to pay €5 in the framework of creating the System of information and authorization tourists EU (ETIAS).

As the Financial Times (FT), ETIAS will be modeled on a similar system existing in the United States. Under the new rules, if adopted by member countries of the EU and the European Parliament, come within about 30 million people from 60 countries, including the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. FT notes that this list may soon join Ukraine, Georgia, and the United Kingdom (after Brexit).

A fee of €5 will be charged for a regular check-up in the basis of the ETIAS, which will bring together the database of Interpol, Europol and the Schengen information system used by the intelligence agencies of European countries for the monitoring of persons entering the EU. Tourist, authenticated, in the next five years will be able to pass through the system ETIAS. For comparison, in the us system, US ESTA, learn, and creates a ETIAS, the cost of passage is $14.

ETIAS, the system can be started in 2020. Its creation, the members of the European Commission is estimated at €230 million For the tourists younger than 18 years of the entry into the Schengen area will continue to be free.

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