The state Duma refused to raise excise taxes on champagne

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The state Duma has abandoned plans to raise the excise tax on everything sold in Russia champagne and decided to keep a low excise duties on the part of still wines. Seriously reduced rate of excise tax on pipe tobacco and hookahs

Council decided not to increase the excise tax on champagne and still wines with geographically protected indication, their rates will remain at the existing 14 and 5 rubles. per liter, respectively. Will be increased only a excise tax rates on champagne and still wines with geographical indication unprotected: they will increase from 27 to 36 roubles and from 10 to 18 rubles. per liter. The bill passed by the state Duma on Wednesday in the second reading, the correspondent of RBC.

Increase excise rates on all types of still wines was almost double that offered by the government. The decision to increase the excise taxes on all kinds of champagne the budget Committee unexpectedly adopted Saturday, endorsing amendment of United Russia deputies Yevgeny Fyodorov. The adoption of the amendment about the new excise tax on champagne was initiated by the Chairman of the budget Committee Andrey Makarov, however, at the plenary session on Wednesday, he said that United Russia “managed to defend” the current excise tax for “domestic growers”, which disturbed the planned increase in excise taxes on wine.

According to Makarova, the decision on preservation of existing excise taxes on wine for domestic producers was made only the day before. An updated version of the excise taxes was published in the parliamentary basis of the documents on Wednesday morning. The subject of the excise taxes on wine were discussed at the visiting session of the faction of United Russia with the participation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, told RBC two participants of the meeting. Against the budgetary Committee of the Duma of the first made by the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev.

In addition, the Duma adopted on Wednesday the draft law introduces a lower than proposed by the government, the excise duties on tobacco pipe, Smoking, chewing, hookah, etc. (except that is used for the production of cigarettes). Approved by the state Duma of the rate — 2520 RUB in 2017, 2772 RUB. in 2018, 3050 RUB. in 2019. This is much less than was offered by the government: 4800 RUB., 5192 4992 RUB and RUB, respectively.

Excise taxes on tobacco, intended for consumption by heating, the opposite will be even higher than proposed by the government: 5280 rubles. per 1 kg instead of 4992 RUB. in 2018 and is 5808 5192 RUB in 2019.

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