Worlds Hawking. The death of humanity and 3 scary predictions of the scientist

For hundreds of years before us was Nostradamuswhose predictions are frightened by the whole civilized world. Many of them, incidentally, came true. The real hero of the twentieth century was blind prophetess Vanga, to which the bow went not only ordinary people but also heads of state who wanted to know what the future holds for not only themselves but also their country.

Today we have Stephen Hawking. From Nostradamus, Vanga and similar predictors of Stephen Hawking is distinguished by the fact that he is a scientist. But, like the soothsayers of the past, he is not shy to look into the future on a hundred, thousand and even hundreds of thousands of years to come. Is what scares us. We could not believe Wang, who took the images that were her visions out of my head, out of your imagination. Hawking also founded scenarios of development of human life on your huge Luggage of scientific knowledge. And when the terrible predictions have such solid ground, it starts to scare you.

The death of humanity

One of the latest predictions became prophecies of the death of all mankind in the next thousand years.

“I think the next Millennium humanity will not survive if we don’t figure out how to leave their home planet,” the scientist said. Hawking believes that the human race can result from the implementation of one of the possible scenarios — the impact of genetically engineered virus or large-scale nuclear war”, — said the scientist.

It is worth noting that such projections Hawking throws over the past years regularly. This is distinguished from the rest only by greater specifics regarding the date of the disaster to the nearest thousand years. We, of course, this is hardly a concern, but our grandchildren and great-grandchildren should think about.

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Artificial intelligence

One of the variants of development of apocalyptic scenario according to Hawking, is associated with human attempts to create artificial intelligence. All sorts of consequences of its occurrence, from heaven on earth before the rebellion of machines, we are well known through the endless movies. Filmmakers love this theme. Scientists, as it turned out, too.

“The artificial intelligence of computers will surpass human intelligence within the next 100 years, and when that happens, you need to ensure that the goals of computer and human will match and not go against each other”, — said Stephen.

The potential to start a real war, as in the legendary film about the Terminator. Calms one — Hawking is sure that time travel is impossible, so T-2000 liquid metal to us is unlikely to be transferred. To end all of this maybe “the Matrix” — in the world with the winning machine.

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The Colonization Of Mars

Thought physicist and escape route for humanity if negative scenarios man-made disaster or a nuclear war yet to be implemented. Out there in space. The scientist has already started to look to the nearest theoretically suitable for life planet — to Mars.

“The attention of NASA and other world space agencies concentrated on Mars. This is the nearest Earth-like planet, soil and the atmosphere. I have no doubt that within the next 100 years people will live on Mars” — said Hawking.

It will be the first attempt to colonize Mars, it was shown in the blockbuster movie “the Martian”. The result of colonization can be seen in another action movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role — “total Recall”. Recently this movie, by the way, was photographed.

The first projects to colonize Mars already exist. Even hosted a global selection of candidates for this trip. One condition is a one — way ticket. Return from the red planet to Earth it is unlikely that someone from the first batch will succeed.

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Alien invasion

However, even escape to the neighboring planet may not save humanity if you begin to implement one of the terrible prophecies of Hawking. The scientist believes in the existence of aliens. Moreover, he believes in the existence of intelligent aliens. The worst part is he to believe that these intelligent aliens in their development is significantly superior to mankind and roam the universe in search of planets that could enslave or destroy.

“The older I get, the more I begin to believe that we are not alone in the universe. And if so, should we fear for their future. Most likely, the aliens are superior to us in development. And it would be something akin to the meeting of Christopher Columbus with the Indians. You do remember that it didn’t end well for those who had visitors,” warns Stephen.

Variants of development of events with the appearance of ships with aliens is a huge variety. This topic has long been concerned with humanity. Amazing that Hawking is a supporter of peace-loving aliens, and predicts war on us with their alien technology.

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