Brutal beating of the Irkutsk schoolgirl classmate got on video

Irkutsk militiamen versed in the history with the hard beating of the schoolgirl of the ninth class of a local school. The girl had an argument with a classmate and he attacked her with his fists. Everything that happened in the class, as is often the case, was recorded on their camera to their classmates.


The incident occurred at school No. 47 in Irkutsk shortly after the holidays. In the revealed record shows that the girl deliberately poured a classmate with a glass of water than drew him out.

The boy rapidly ran to her and pressed to the door, started to put the girl a crushing blow to the face. It took a few seconds before classmates guessed to inadequate tear the teenager from the victim, while in the process of ReAnimania the young man had time to hit the opponent twice with his foot.

According to the publication the participants in the brawl were students of the ninth grade. The girl was taken to hospital where she recorded a hematoma lips. Doctors reported the incident to the police.

In the present case, in addition to MIA, also joined the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s office. The authorities promised to bring those responsible to justice.

It is known that aggressive teenager of 15 years, therefore, he has reached the age of criminal responsibility.

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