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The Central Bank will offer banks owners who want to go out of business, but can’t sell it, to give their banks in the generated controller Fund consolidation, write “Vedomosti”. Bankers are skeptical about this idea

The Bank of Russia considers the possibility of solving the problem “tired owners” due to the transfer of their owned banks to Fund the consolidation of the banking sector, reported Vedomosti, the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Dmitry Tulin. According to him, seeking to rest bankers can “with dignity go out of business”, received for their banks stake in a larger Bank.

“Let’s say, two years, if the credit portfolio, which he gave [in the Bank], will be served,” said Tulin.

The necessity of the revitalization of the “tired owners” first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank explained by the desire to prevent people who have lost interest in the banking business, but are unable to get out of it due to the lack of buyers to begin to make “unethical”. “In 2013 is something unusual: many people — owners, managers — make things that we from them did not expect. Fund consolidation may be an opportunity for them to just stop,” said Tulin. Details of the concept, he said, still being worked out, and therefore to speak about concrete arrangements yet.

Co-owner of Binbank Mikhail Shishkhanov agreed that the proposed CBA method in some cases can help prevent serious problems. “Given the difficult economic situation in the banking and other markets is the effect of “shareholder fatigue”. Against this background, the transferability perished banks to the resolution Fund is very timely,” — said Shishkhanov.

A major shareholder of the Bank included in TOP-100 banks in Russia are connected with the “fatigue” of bankers with the lack of understanding of the prospects for further development. “Obviously, after two or three years old business models will die off and the issue with the new models is still open. In my experiences, about 80% of the bankers do not know what they after some time to do with their child,” — said the source “Vedomosti”. Idea he said the Central Bank is interesting, but doubts that it will be easy to implement, as banks with serious problems, the regulator is unlikely to need, and normally operating no give.

Co-owner of another Bank of the first hundreds also said that the credit organization, which brings at least a small income, you can always sell, but because the idea of the Central Bank “far from reality”.

According to the analyst of the National rating Agency Karina Artemieva, the proposal of the Central Bank may be of interest to owners of small banks, which now do not receive greater revenues while continuing to incur significant costs for the maintenance of the credit institution.

In mid-September the President of Russia Vladimir Putin promised to instruct the government to study the issue of restricting travel abroad for managers of troubled banks.This statement was made head of state after a meeting with the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina complained that the reason for the collapse of Russian banks are often the “criminal actions” of managers and owners, the culprits often manage to escape abroad.

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