Doctor Anatoly Martynov: “a Therapist should become a major figure in the treatment of”

The word academician, President of Russian scientific medical society of physicians Anatoly Martynov.

In spite of the sanctions!

Elena Nechaenko, “AiF. Health”: Anatoliy Ivanovich, you are the President of the Russian society of therapists. What is this organization, what purpose is served?

Anatoly Martynov: Our organization is 107 years old. It was created very difficult in pre-revolutionary time — not the most peaceful period in our history. Since inception, the company conducts a major event that unites physicians in the nation. Today our work consists of several directions. First and foremost scientific and educational. We are committed to any doctor coming to our event, brought out a grain of something new, whether it’s knowledge about the preparation methodology or a new approach to assessment of symptoms. This task we implement in different forms. The pinnacle is our annual national Congress of the therapists. The next level — the congresses of the regions (they are usually held every 2-3 years). Just for example, we held a Congress of doctors of Yakutia, which was attended by 1000 experts. Lower level — interregional conferences, symposia, round tables, thematic meetings. A year ago we introduced a new form of events — school doctors. Actively developing and the Internet, through which broadcast lectures for doctors from remote regions. The lecture we are reading the most authoritative values in different specialties of medicine.

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— Does the training preferences of your “students”?

— Of course. People attending our events, starting with schools and ending with the Congress receives a certificate with points that will help him to be accredited. During the course of the distance learning doctor may also get tested before and after the lecture, the results of which it also points.

— The company operates only domestically or you leave and on the international level?

We are all European congresses of physicians. Our foreign colleagues have also have a big interest in our events. No wonder the European society of physicians have trusted us for the first time the right to hold the 14th European Congress of therapists. It was held last year in Moscow, there were 6 thousand participants. And all this in isolation, sanctions. Proud to say that even in today’s difficult political situation, our Russian Society in the hard competitive fight for the first time won the right to hold the 2022 36th World Congress of the therapists.

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To raise the prestige of the profession

— Have you ever had to deal with the dismissive attitude of the doctors is your specialty? They say, well, what can therapists — only the direction to give…

You touched on an important topic. Indeed, with this attitude, sometimes have to face. But this opinion, believe me, will change, because what is impossible today and unlikely to be possible in the future each patient to provide free access to specialized doctors. The therapist needs to become a major figure in the treatment, in fact it, making assessment of the complexity of the situation, decides whether to send the patient to a specialist or undertake treatment on their own. By the way, is not Russian, and General practice. Abroad no patient may initially to get to the surgeon or endocrinologist without a referral from a physician.

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— Do you think that you can raise respect for the profession of the therapist?

— This takes years. But the prestige of the profession depends not only on the doctor. Doctor to work well, you need to create an enabling environment to provide decent wages, to avoid the need to part-time, which always harms the work and leads to internal combustion. Alas, while this has only dreamed of. In our country there are regions where the shortage of physicians is 40%! To say nothing of narrow specialists. A treatment paramedics were doing, and despite the fact that their training is very good, such a situation cannot be called normal. Of course, in complicated cases, patients are redirected to other regions. Again, developing telemedicine, through which the paramedic in the remote region can communicate with any doctor and discuss the situation. But anyway the problem should be solved differently.

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About the future

— Maybe something needs to change in medical schools?

— You are right. The Ministry of health is now revising the training of therapists. According to the new regulations from 2017 graduates instead of the state exam will pass the more stringent test of accreditation. This exam will take teachers from other universities. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the focus will be on practical skills, a minimum of which the graduate should possess. For example, it will be checked whether he can make an intravenous injection, thoracentesis, conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation, puncture the belly…

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Upon graduation the graduate will have to go to work in the clinic and under the auspices of experienced doctors to work there 2-3 years, after which he entered the residency. There is a period of learning is different, but for a therapist 2-3 years. And only after that the doctor will have the right to become a real therapist. It is the master plan of the Ministry of health. It is, of course, requires large financial and time costs, so it’s hard to say when it will be implemented, but this idea I really like.

— What, in your opinion, the main traits for a therapist?

— Perhaps, it is hard work (the doctor all the time you need to acquire new knowledge), honesty, devotion and love for their specialty. And empathy — without it, a good doctor can’t work.

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