Early. If your baby was born prematurely

Our expert — head of the 3rd Department of neonatal perinatal center branch GKB № 24 of Moscow Olga Mironyuk.

For the care of such infants requires a high-tech intensive care. And if it is provided on time, after a few months the baby will not differ from their peers born at term.

At the beginning of life — 500 g

It has been four years since our country has adopted criteria for the registration of births, recommended by who. According to them, a fetus is considered a child, even if he was born with a weight of 500 g at 22 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, caring for these crumbs — a very complex process which was only possible thanks to new medical technologies. Fortunately, these children slightly, e.g. in the office, where our expert, is 1-2 for the year. Most premature babies are children born in the period starting from the 34th week of pregnancy and weighing more than two kilograms. But they need the help of experts.

In facts and figures: in Russia, care for 70% of preterm infants

How is he breathing?

If the newborn has any problems breathing in the first stage the doctors are forced to connect it to a respirator. But then the neonatologists (the so-called pediatricians who deal with kids at birth) I try this unit does not apply. The best option is a non — invasive methods of respiratory support. The baby receives replacement therapy in the form of artificial surfactant — a substance that is lined with a thin layer of the surface of the alveoli and is formed in sufficient quantities only by the 35th week of pregnancy. The drug prevents spadenie alveoli immature premature baby, he breathes on their own or with the help of the device, which is not a respirator. Its use though and saves the kid’s life, but can later lead to serious complications.

Special meals

For special children and special food. Underweight immature babies born at low timing, fed, injected protein drugs and special fats intravenously to help immature organism to grow and develop, until his digestive tract is not ready to process food. But as soon as the baby allows you to feed him breast milk, he immediately gets it. Despite the variety of specialized formulas designed for premature children, for kid there is nothing better than mother’s milk.

Early birds. How to care for premature babies

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Under control!

Child requiring special care, placed in a couveuse incubator. It supports a certain temperature and humidity to recreate the conditions of the womb in which the baby was supposed to grow.

One doctor in the Department of premature have 10 kids that allows the doctor to closely monitor each child. But nurses are not enough. Therefore, the process of nursing has to involve mom that actually benefit them. Mother learns to care for his special child, under the guidance of a doctor and is not afraid of the moment when it will be with the baby at home alone.

First breath. Neonatologist about when a newborn needs extra help

Time to go home

At what time prescribe of premature babies? Doctors take into consideration the number of weeks, and the condition of the baby. If the child is healthy, not in need of serious treatment and constant medical control, it, along with the mother can be sent home. The doctor takes into account whether the child to eat (sucking mother’s milk), Lee adds weight, retains his body heat (if the baby is not cold in the crib — so it does not need conditions of the incubator). As a rule, to extract are the kids weighing more than 2 kg.

But they are home and need special care, so doctors provide mothers of underweight premature babies the necessary recommendations.

We will describe in the following numbers.

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