Escaped to Syria, the MSU student gave the first testimony in court

Student Varvara Karaulov

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/RIA Novosti

Tried to escape to Syria, the MSU student Varvara Karaulov gave the first official statement on the process. According to her, she left Russia to meet with the recruiter Ayrat Samedovym, with whom some years communicated in social networks

Student Varvara Karaulov (Alexander Ivanov), which, according to investigators twice tried to flee in banned in Russia, the ISIS, on Thursday testified in court.

Her performance lasted nearly two hours, during which she spoke in detail about his relationship with the recruiter Ayrat Samedovym and about their motives to leave to Syria.

The recruiter undercover

Karaulov said that the story began in 2012 when she was in the last class at school. In one of the groups of football fans in social network “Vkontakte”, she met a man by the name Peter Vasechkin. “He said that actually his name was Vlad, he was 21 years old and he lives in Krasnogorsk”, — said Karaulova. As it turned out, her companion was a recruiter Samatov.

According to the girl, they began to chat in a social network, but over time these messages became to play a big role in her life. “He hadn’t sent any pictures, photos appeared only in 2013 — he sent me pictures Russian young man,” said Karaulov.

All communication took place only on the Internet, but gradually Samatov was to control the girl forbade her to communicate with other men, it is not recommended to maintain relations with some girls, and greatly reduced the range of its communication, follows from the testimony of the accused.

The privileges of Islam

“About their religion first, he said that a Gentile, but then he began to talk about Islam. He argued that this is the wrong stereotypes that women in Islam are oppressed. In fact, they are under the care of her husband: I work when I want — don’t work. This is not a denial, and privilege. I liked these ideas,” said Karaulov.

Internet lasted for several years, and Karaulov decided for myself that she loves the person and wants to embrace Islam, it follows from her testimony.

“After I accepted Islam, he told me he also did it, just didn’t want to tell me,” said the defendant.

An unexpected rival

Then Samatov began to tell me that now his goal is to save money and go only right for a Muslim place — “Islamic state” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia).

“He said that there is do not drink and do not smoke, and people be nice to each other”, — said Karaulova. In February 2015 Samatov wrote to her that he bought a ticket and flies to Istanbul, said that will not be released on bond can be several months and maybe never. “For me it was a difficult period. I couldn’t imagine my life without him, said Karaulova. I thought if it appears in a social network, ask him to marry me”.

But a month later she received a message not from Samatova, and some girl that was interested in the Affairs Ayrat. “I realized that we are talking about Samatov,” — said Karaulova. She said that was the first time he considered himself deceived, fearing that this girl is his “mistress or wife.”

The way to Syria

Just at this period, says Karaulova, one of the girls in the group Muslim women suddenly wrote that her cousin who lives in Syria, is looking for a wife. “I wrote that I do not mind to get married”, said Karaulova.

Almost immediately, she wrote the man introduced himself Nadir, and proposed to hold a wedding ceremony via the Internet-instant messengers “skype”. After that, Karaulova was to issue a passport, and Nadir sent her 15 thousand rubles for the tickets.

But at the end of April she wrote again Samatov. “He said marriage on the Internet is not valid and persuaded not to go,” recalls Karaulov. And then he was gone again.

“I had a mess in my head, I really wanted to leave home. And I thought if I go to Syria, you might find there Samatova,” — said Karaulova, so she agreed to the offer of another friend to marry another fighter.

In the end, recruiters bought the girl plane tickets to Istanbul. At the airport Karaulova, according to the instructions, took a taxi and asked the driver to call some number, which gave her “fiancé.” There he was told the address.

“It was a Mall or a stadium. There I was met by two men and taken to the apartment,” — said the defendant. After a few days the girl along with other women on the bus were transported to the border with Syria city of Kilis. Meanwhile, the connection came and Samatov, who offered to come to him, and the news Karaulova learned that her parents wanted her vengeance.

A few days Karaulova with other women held in several safe houses in Kilise. And in the end her and several women brought to the field, located on the Syrian border and told to go forward. “There we were stopped by the border guards,” said Karaulov.

The second attempt

The next few days Karaulova spent in the migration center. “I don’t know what will happen next, afraid that he would initiate a criminal case. Arrived, dad was very hard for me to see him,” said the girl.

But the Turkish authorities sent Karaulov with his father to Russia, where their plane was met by the FSB. Employees of security agencies very interested in the identity Samatova, said Karaulova.

“They said he was a former drug addict, and he’s 35. They thought I told them not all, and demanded that I gave them the passwords on their accounts in social networks,” said Karaulov.

The very same girl was sent to work first in a Psychiatric hospital named Alekseev, then in the Institute of mental health. On return, Karaulova started writing again Samoilov. “Caught up in the moment,” — explained in court the defendant.

“Somewhere deep down I was hoping he will die in Syria and all over. All this was not normal, it is impossible to love someone you’ve never seen,” said Karaulov. In late September I told my mom that “he wants to finish.”

Together with his parents Karaulova discussed options of action. “The easiest way is to isolate me. We discussed different options, including again to go to the hospital,” — said the girl.

But the way out found the bodies of investigation, which at the end of October sent Karaulov to the detention center, it was imputed to two attempts to go to Syria. According to the materials of the case, by the time the girl changed the name to Alexander Ivanov and was going to try again to escape the terrorists.

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