“FMBA recorded a surge of requests of sportsmen of the Russian Federation for doping for treatment

Russian athletes after the publication by hackers of data on therapeutic solutions take prohibited substances foreign athletes were more likely to seek the same documents, said the representative of the Federal medical-biological Agency (FMBA) Veronika Loginova.

“After all these cases now a lot of athletes began to turn on the therapeutic use of prohibited substances. The number of appeals has grown as a Junior, and adult athletes”, – said Loginov Thursday at the national Olympic forum on Thursday.

She noted that previously, Russian athletes who have medical indications for the use of any drugs, not be issued permits for therapeutic use, knowing that they have illegal substances.

The representative of the Agency noted that half of the cases of therapeutic use in Russia is issued in advance. The remaining half were issued a permit after applying the medication, as there was an urgent need for the use of certain drugs. The reason – time delivery of a therapeutic resolution, which can range from two weeks to a month. The athletes in the international testing pool receive documents not on the national level and in international sports federations.

“Even if the manipulations associated with emergency aid, then you need to make a therapeutic resolution. In particular, during anesthesia, use of a prohibited substance, and after surgery when conducting doping control in the body can be detected by markers of prohibited substances,” – said Loginov.

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