Govorukhin said about the absence of “even a hint” on censorship in art

Film Director and Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Stanislav Govorukhin

Photo: Ekaterina Chesnokova/RIA Novosti

Film Director and Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Stanislav Govorukhin has declared that in Russia there is no censorship in art. He also lamented that the state does not interfere in the creative process

Director Stanislav Govorukhin said the lack of censorship in Russian art. In other countries there is a “moral censorship”, but in Russia there is no, Govorukhin said in an interview to “Russia 24”.

“Not even a hint,” — said Govorukhin on the question of the existence of the limits (quoted by “Interfax”). “There is no state in which there would be moral censorship. As a rule, society, the Church and other institutions. But we do not. We have the only Constitution in the world, where it is written that any censorship is forbidden”, — he added.

The head of the Duma Committee for culture stressed that “the moral restrictions — the essence of freedom in society,” putting on the vulnerability of man “to the pressure of vulgarity and filth, which flows from screens of cinemas or the stage scaffolding”.

Govorukhin found it difficult to explain who should determine the line that cannot be crossed, and where it goes. “For example, the word Mat is not spoken, but the man in the foreground unzipped his fly and urinated. It does not write the law. We need some kind of internal frame” — said the Deputy.

The Director also expressed regret that the state does not interfere in the creative process. “15 years before “zero” years, the level of morality is dropped, and all the stops were removed due to the fact that the state can not intervene. It does not interfere, and that’s bad, too” — said Govorukhin.

According to the filmmaker, the state has the right to order works of art on Patriotic themes. “The state gives money and would like to see the product on a specific topic. For example, on the topic of the 28 Panfilov,” said the Director. On a remark of the journalist that these movies create heroes the way Govorukhin said: “the Government would like to see something like the truth, let it be a legend.”

November 3, Govorukhin said about the need to “break root” verification films, which are removable. The discontent of the Director was caused by the initiative of MP Natalia Poklonskaya who has written to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika a request for verification of the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda” about Nicholas II and the ballerina Mathilde Kshesinskaya. “It is unclear why the real story of the life of Nicholas Romanov, who, incidentally, was the only heir to the throne, should cause outrage in certain circles and to flow in such inspections,” — said Govorukhin.

The theme of censorship in art has gained considerable attention after the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, artistic Director “the Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin big speech against censorship and the “fight for morals” on the part of public organizations. He called the attempts of public organizations to exert pressure on art and the theatre “completely lawless, extremist, arrogant”.

Speech Raikin has led to a debate about censorship in the Russian art. 11 November, artistic Directors of major theaters of Moscow and St.-Petersburg met the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko. From detailed comments of the participants refused, but the Director of “Lenkom” mark Zakharov acknowledged that the meeting with the curator of the political bloc “discussed the question previously raised Raikin”.

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