In facts and figures: 20-30% of people who quit Smoking gain weight

17% decrease in the number of smokers in Russia since the adoption of the anti-Smoking law in 2013. The age of onset of Smoking in children has increased from 11 to 13 years.

Up to 20% of smokers successfully break up with cigarettes on the first attempt. The others go back to Smoking within 3 months.

The effect of the replacement. Does nicotine gum to quit Smoking

No more than 5 out of 100 people able to quit on their own. With the help of a doctor it can do 25-30% of smokers.

8 hours after quitting the carbon monoxide level in blood drops and the oxygen level increases significantly. “The breath of the smoker” (bad breath, wheezing, cough) becomes less pronounced.

When quitting Smoking you may experience headaches or jumps in blood pressure. Nicotine has a vasoconstrictor effect, and the body needs time to kick the habit.

To mitigate the withdrawal syndrome will help vitamins C, B15, sedatives (drugs Valerian, motherwort).

3 months after quitting Smoking completely normalizes blood circulation, restores the small capillaries.

The lungs are fully cleared after a year. However, by this time the body is restored to such a state that the probability of a heart attack or stroke is reduced by half.

You, smokers! 8 ways to reduce the harm from tobacco

7-10 years is a complete restoration of normal work of all systems of the body after quitting Smoking.

1-2 years female postpone the onset of menopause, giving up Smoking.

Almost 2 times less wrinkles around the eyes from those who had to say goodbye to the cigarette to 30 years than in smokers.

20-30% of people who quit Smoking gain weight.

November 17 — the international day of refusal of Smoking.

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