In Moscow for the murder of a mother of two children detained boxer

Poor road conditions helped 16 Nov to detain the boxer-rapist who killed a few strokes the mother of two children. The car in which the murderer is rolled together with the body of the poor, skidded on the slippery pavement — this attracted the attention of the traffic police.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, 39-year-old resident of the capital was near my car Toyota RAV4 in the car Park near the metro station “Domodedovskaya”, when it unexpectedly with his fists lashed out to a passing young man. After beating him, the stranger pushed the unfortunate in the back seat of the car and then got behind the wheel of the car and left the car Park, taking with them the victim.

On the territory of South Port district car driven by an attacker who has attracted the attention of traffic police. The SUV skidded on the slippery road and the inspector decided to stop the car and check the documents of the driver. However, the driver behaved strangely – popped up from the cabin and fled. The man was detained.

In the salon in the back seat was found the body of a dead woman with bruises on the face and neck. Himself a fugitive initially asserted that beat his “passenger,” but did not understand why she died. However, soon the 23-year-old detainee became more talkative. He told me that in June of this year, arrived in the capital of Belarus to work, rented accommodation with a friend in the Southeast district. And in the Parking lot that day turned out to be, because previously worked in the area.

According to the suspect, the last time he was in great need of money. Seeing a well-dressed woman next to an expensive car, he decided to attack her. After beating her, so he decided to abuse her in the cabin, the car and then go for a ride in the victim’s car around the city.

By the way, even running away from the guards, the man managed to grab out of the car the victim’s purse with your phone, your tablet and money.

At the dead woman left two children. Experts do not rule out that the strikes that were dealt to her man, professional boxer, was so strong that she had died almost instantly, and the monster is already outraged over the lifeless body.

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