In Russia survives 85% of premature infants weighing up to 1 kg

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On November 17 the world celebrates the international day of prematurely born children. It was first celebrated in Vienna in 2009, then soared into the sky at the same time 500 white balls, the same as children born prematurely in this city during the year. Next year this day is celebrated in 12 countries of Europe, and since then events on the issue of prematurity, carried out on 17 November, more and more States. In the world each year 15 million babies are born prematurely in 40 weeks.

Specialists of the press service of the Ministry of health told, how Affairs in this sphere in Russia. According to them, over the past 2 years more than 200 thousand children are born prematurely — 111 thousand in 2014 and 110 thousand in 2015. The Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova added that the statistics, saying that the survival of such children in Russia on average is about 85%, and in specialized centers is about 90%. Since 2012, we have in the country you can get child documents, if the birth weight was at least 500 grams, but there are cases when doctors saved the children and with a smaller mass, also with severe pathologies. “Mednovosti” covered several of these situations — so, in Ulan-Ude, the surgeon has successfully operated the 800-gram girl, the intestines of which were located outside the abdominal cavity, and in Tyumen premature child joined the stomach and esophagus, between which because of the defect there was a gap of 5 cm. the head of the Ministry stated that the indicators of primary disability among these children are reduced.

The reasons that birth begins long before the expected life, can be factors such as multiple pregnancy or pregnancy in adolescence, illness, wearing chronic (at risk, e.g., diabetics or hypertensive patients) or infectious in nature. If the expectant mother is constantly in a state of stress or drink alcohol — it is also a high chance to be born prematurely.

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