In the Moscow office Lenovo came to check

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FAS checks in the office of Lenovo in the framework of the investigation on the supply of equipment for state needs. The Agency argues that the company lets review. The Lenovo representative said that the company is open to working with government agencies

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia checks in the office of the Chinese technology company Lenovo in Moscow, reports TASS with reference to head of Department for combating cartels Andrey Tenishev.

According to Tenishev, the test is associated with the “big cartel investigation on the supply of computer equipment for public use”. While the FAS checks and other “known and big companies,” said Tenishev, not specifying which companies we are talking about.

“Lenovo preclude testing, apparently, there is something to hide,” he said.

In relation to the company and its representatives is composed of three protocols on obstruction of inspection, said RBC representative of the press service of the FAS Daria Silkou. She noted that verification of the Lenovo held on suspicion of participation in the cartel at the auction for the supply of equipment for state needs, which operates in Russia for several years, explained Silkov RBC. “Microsoft is in no way connected,” — said the representative of the FAS.

“No one was detained, no one questioned, just came FAS as part of the audit reports”, — told RBC representative of the Russian office of Lenovo. From whom received a statement and what is written in it, the interlocutor of RBC does not know. The Lenovo representative said that the company always completely open to work with all state agencies and acts in the legal field.

In early November, the FAS filed against the American companies Microsoft case on signs of abuse of dominant position. The reason for this was the reduction in time to adapt the compatibility of third-party anti-virus and Microsoft operating system Windows 10 from two months to six days. Antimonopoly service opened a case after a complaint against Microsoft to the office asked the Russian developer of antivirus software “Kaspersky Lab”.

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