“Lukashenko did not find decent words for football teams of Russia and Belarus

The game of football teams of Russia and Belarus on the eve of the 2018 world Cup in Russia does not deserve positive ratings – the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at a press conference for Russian regional media in Minsk on Thursday.

“As players our and your – I don’t want to say rude, but they deserve you know what. Especially Russia is a country invests such funds, and I’m rooting for you: we are in the world Cup will not, it is one hundred percent” – said Lukashenko.

“I’m rooting for you to not be ashamed (Russians – Interfax) to at least group stage are gone. We will be rooting for the Russian team, though, until you see nothing to rejoice. Players for a year or two, for five years does not appear, and a super-team during that time cannot be created”, – he added.

Lukashenko has noticed that knows football and follows major events in the world, and especially the preparation for the 2018 world Cup in Russia.

“Actually, I’m a football player in his athletic profession, – said the head of state. – In hockey I play in misfortune. But a knee injury forced him to play hockey. Although there are hard times – the knees must be healthy everywhere.”

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