Media: research has shown that sweet is not too dangerous for the figure

The consumption of sweets within reasonable limits often does not lead to that person gaining weight. This is with reference to the American scientists from the University of new Mexico, according to a number of media.


As reported, the experts divided the volunteers who agreed to participate in the study, into two groups. All study participants followed the same diet with the only difference — the first group were given a Breakfast of a slice of cake and the other is not. The study showed that the piece of cake in most cases throughout the whole month did not affect the weight of the study participants (only 3 percent of them over that time has gained a pound).

Experts note that they do not encourage eating sweets in large quantities and at any time of the day — almost any food if consume too many of them, do more harm than good. However, according to scientists referenced in some media reports, the sugar did not deserve such a negative reputation which it possesses in the eyes of many people. The researchers also suggest that some sweet foods lead to weight gain not because they contained sugar, and other ingredients such as leavening agents and flavor enhancers.

It is also worth noting that the study participants received sweets, exactly at Breakfast, while the weight of a man in a greater degree affected by the fact that he’s eating (or not eating) during the second half of the day. By the way, not all experts today think that man should abandon any food after six in the evening, but you can approach the meals eaten at night, nutritionists, mostly, I call selectively. Recently, experts from the US offered in the evenings to eat cabbage, boiled corn and beets, steamed vegetables (except potatoes), apricots and nectarines, as well as seafood, while the latter go too far and not worth it.

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