Reporting for duty! Cadet classes there are already more than 110 schools in the capital

But a possible career in the military is not the only purpose of learning in this profile. In the decree of the Empress Anna Ivanovna on the establishment of the first Russian cadet corps was: “…besides the military, the state has not less need of political and civic education, for it is necessary to have cadets, teachers, foreign languages, history, geography, jurisprudence, dancing, music, and other useful Sciences…”

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Educational complex № 2036 is located in the capital district Kozhukhovo, where there are no universities, no colleges, no children’s activity centers. So school is the only place where children can get acquainted with the basics of the future profession.

“The first set in a cadet class in our school was held in the 2014-2015 academic year, — says the Director of the school Tatiana Yankova. Since it was a new direction, went there only 18 guys. But their academic achievement and sporting success quickly become so obvious that the next year the number of applicants has grown significantly. And in 2016, the competition was already in place.

In review “cadet class” Moscow — 2016 our guys took first place. “Who want to be?” — ask first-graders. They confidently answer: “a Cadet”.

By the way

The first Moscow cadet corps was opened by order of the President of Russia of April 9, 1997. For 19 years he was graduated from 317 boys. 60% of them enrolled in military colleges and academies, 40% in civilian universities. 70 graduates – officers of the Armed forces.

The first Moscow cadet corps is included in the list of the best educational institutions of Moscow and Russia. Directs them to an army General Vladimir Krymsky, who for 36 years served in the Navy and 7 years was the head of the Ryazan higher airborne school.

The curriculum provides a five-year and two-year training period. The incoming guys pass the entrance tests and pass a medical examination. The first Moscow cadet corps is a unique Palace complex, which was designed and built specifically for cadet.

The cadets since childhood. The love for the Motherland instill from an early age

The most interesting — after lunch

Although the life of children in the form of easy difficult to call. They come to school early: school day in cadet classes starts with building a, which including estimated and appearance. Cadet may not come to school shaggy and stale shirt, so no one will not go to sleep without nadrau to Shine the shoes and tuturov pleats. Many boys do not trust it is the responsible thing their mothers and grandmothers. Just for yourself!

In curriculum, besides the General subjects of military-applied disciplines of radiation, chemical and biological protection, the study of military regulations, the fundamentals of tactical and engineering training. Teach their officers — people who are passionate, who have serious life experience.

For example, the mentor of the 9th “To” Roman Komarov — retired Colonel, the participant of operations in Afghanistan, Georgia, Transnistria, Tajikistan, Chechnya and Abkhazia, the head of the regional branch of the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan, the father of three children. In the 7th “K” for the guys watching the Colonel Alexey Vashkevich — a hereditary military, a graduate of the Suvorov military school. He believes that boys (especially in adolescence) should not be left to themselves.

After school on the obstacle course. Photos from the school archive

The parade or the ball? Both!

After dinner, when the disciples “civilian” profiles go home, the cadet begins the most interesting — they are taught the basics of unarmed combat, obstacle course, swimming. Most advanced in the sections dealing judo, Taekwondo, kickboxing. “Many of my classmates after admission in cadet class load has increased and performance improved — thanks to the discipline, without which it is impossible to imagine education in us”, says cadet Alina Sameline.

Drill almost daily. After all, in front of them — the parades, which come not only parents and friends, and distinguished guests. “The ceremonial parade of the cadet movement of Moscow “will Not break the link between generations”. It takes place every year on may 6 on Poklonnaya hill, says retired Colonel Yuri Rodnenko, the education officer of the 8th “K”. — Attended by Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. In the parade on the pavement Poklonnaya hill solemn pass more than 2,5 thousand children, among them our disciples.”

However, it would be a mistake to think that the life of a cadet — only education, sports and construction. Guys Shine not only in parades, but on the floor. In the curriculum — choreography and etiquette of the necessary items to prepare for the now traditional Winter ball.

“To confidently waltz, you need to engage not less than on the parade ground,” — said cadet Victoria Churikova.

Hard on dance lessons — easy to the Winter ball. Photos from the school archive

Engineers in uniform

The grammar school № 1748 “Vertical” — the largest educational complex of Moscow — for years of work more than once acted as the experimental site. In 2014 it was (and still is in the 71st school) was opened cadet classes.

Why the project of military education proved to be so popular? About it our conversation with the Director of the gymnasium “Vertical” Tatiana Bechukosai.

Leisure for the elite

Lydia Yudin, “AIF”: the Competition for admission to cadet classes is one of the most high. What’s the secret to popularity?

Tatiana Bochukova: military education focused on military engineering. Our partners — Moscow aviation Institute, command of aerospace forces. This means that the students should be familiar mathematics, physics, history of Russia, as well as engineering drawing, astronomy, military history, etc. Parents and students understand that the cadet profile and gives quality education. Why? Such classes work in full day: children in school from 8 am to 6 PM. In addition to studying at the cadet classes, drill and fire training, sports competitions, they do music, dancing and etiquette. It is very convenient for busy parents, because not all moms and dads are unable to organize such interesting and various leisure activities to your child.

In addition, children are under constant supervision of teachers. This is very important, especially for boys, because many children today grow up in single-parent families.

Military, marching, waltz. Weekdays boys cadets

Hey girls!

— There is a perception that cadets children often go at the parents…

— The main principle when enrolling in such a class — a good level of educational attainment of the child and a joint family decision. When making a decision about admission is taken into account not only academic performance but also physical training — mode of study of the cadet class involves intense physical exertion. Another necessary condition — active position in life. Cadets take an active part in school and city events, so the child, that public life is not like in the cadet class will not be easy.

— Many are surprised that such classes tend to get girls.

Girls not uncommon in this profile (in our school of the 73 cadets 27 — female). I must say that many “male” tasks, they do not worse. Motives for entry in a cadet class each girl had their. But there are girls cadets who enroll in the core class, because the dream service in the Armed forces or law enforcement agencies.

Example of all the guys

— How to apply for the cadets, boys from other classes?

The younger pupils consider cadet role model. Teachers noticed that after the pupils of cadet classes in different sport sections, stretched, and students who chose other profiles. And the atmosphere of mutual support and mutual assistance that prevails in the cadet classes, affects the entire staff of the school.

— Do you feel training in the cadet class training to serve in the army?

— Directly in this task, of course, no one calls. Training in the cadet class gives a good secondary education, teaches children self-discipline and self-education, encourages responsibility for their deeds and actions, and it is useful in any profession, which will eventually become the disciples of today. We try to motivate the boys for service to the Homeland in the capacity that they choose.

“Knightly Academy”. As in the gentry case was raised by the cadets

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Why I decided to become a cadet? (excerpts from the works)

“Even from an early age wanted to connect his life with military service. I was always attracted to military life. When I was little, always trembling, looked at the military and dreamed of that too, I’ll wear the same beautiful form. When I learned that our school opens cadet class, without hesitation, decided to go there.”

(Rutkowski A., 9th class)

“I decided to become a cadet, to test myself. Not every day you get the chance to see how you’re disciplined and tough. Besides, I was always interested in history of Russia. And cadet classes is one of the main objects”.

(Gordienko D., 8th grade)

“I had not planned to go in the cadet class. But daddy, returning from a PTA meeting, put me before the fact, saying that next year will study in the cadet class. It was a surprise — I wasn’t ready to wear the uniform, learn military Affairs, to engage in school until 6-7 PM… But in my family all the men military, and I had to walk in their footsteps. But I don’t regret that I chose such a difficult way. It turned out, to study in the cadet class much more interesting than the usual, we study more subjects and sports we have almost every day. Besides, I’m proud to be following in the footsteps of his father, who graduated from the Suvorov military school.

(Makarenko S., 8th grade)

“The decision to become a cadet was made by me spontaneously. The advantages of this profile, I learned already in the course of learning and not for a moment regretted that he decided to change the “civilian” education of the cadet. Wearing form, became the winner of school Olympiads, and my results in design and research work were awarded with diplomas. I now understand that my purpose in life — military career. I hope my knowledge in the future will be useful to the Fatherland.”

(Safarov Z., 9th grade)

“Cadet class is the initial training to the army’s future. But even if you fail to connect his life with the Armed forces, I think military training and discipline in life will definitely come in handy.”

(Kursheva A., 9th class)

“The decision to enter cadet class my daughter took on their own. After enrollment, it has changed dramatically — he became interested in history, watching films of wartime. At first she had difficulties with learning, time is not enough not just for Hiking, but also for homework. But a month later the situation has changed — the girl became more focused, disciplined, matured physically. Improved academic performance. It recently announced that it plans to enter the military College. For us it was a big surprise.”

(Voinova N. V., mother of a cadet of the 8th grade).

The one Holy spirit. Moscow hosted the second parade of the cadets

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In education and in battle.

In the 2015-2016 academic year, the cadet gymnasium “Vertical” participated and won:

  • The all-Union Olympiad (municipal stage). The winners were 15 winners to 6 persons.
  • In the Moscow Olympiad. Winners of 8 people.
  • In Urban historical-Patriotic, tourist and local lore game “the Guard of Russia.” I place in the category “Social poster”; II place in the nomination “passing the route”.
  • In XV international scientific-practical conference of design and research works “Student Project in 2016.” 1 winner diploma “For significant contribution to the study of the problem”.
  • In the XIII International youth scientific conference “Gagarin readings”. III place.
  • In the Moscow city competition of musical creativity of students performing “Firework chords” in the nomination “the singing Flute”. The winners of the II stage.
  • The delivery standards TRP. The gold badge is 7, icon silver — 13, bronze badge — 9 members.

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