“Rosneft” has won a court case with the Communist party and the Agency “Rosbalt”

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

The Moscow arbitration court satisfied the claim of “Rosneft” to the Communist party and to the information Agency “Rosbalt” about protection of business reputation

In the Arbitration court of Moscow considered the claim of “Rosneft” about protection of business reputation to the Communist party and “Rosbalt”. The oil company was required to recognize untrue and damaging the business reputation of information contained in publications, “Valery Rashkin: the Government officially allowed the management of “Rosneft” to steal” and”Rashkin: Allowing Rosneft to hide commercial information, the economy Ministry encourages theft.”

The court agreed with the arguments of “Rosneft” and ordered the sites kprf.ru and rosbalt.ru to publish a rebuttal within ten days after the court decision comes into legal force, the correspondent of “RIA Novosti”. The oil company refused to remove defamatory information, as defendants have done so voluntarily.

At material on the website of the Communist party, which was the claim “Rosneft”, now published an article entitled “Valery Rashkin: What, in fact, allowed the government the leadership of “Rosneft”?”.

The claim to the Deputy Valery Rashkin, the court fully rejected. As the press service of the Communist party, “the court has placed all points over i”, and Rosneft was forced to give up part of their claims to comrade Rashkin, the site and the Communist party.”

Director General “Rosbalta” Larissa Afonin in conversation with RBC said that the Agency before the end of the day will decide on the appeal. According to the Saida Afonina, they tend “to what should challenge the court’s decision, because in each case it is necessary to reach the end.” She noted that the decision has not been made because of the uncertainty of the whole situation – “the authors (Rashkin – RBC) – refuse his authorship”.


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