Russian astronomer: “the Presence of an ocean on Pluto recalls the past of the moon”

The existence of a liquid ocean of water and ammonia on Pluto suggested the researchers of the University of California in Santa Cruz.


The argument was the so-called Plain of the Satellite, which is located on the surface of Pluto lying a little way from the famous structure in the shape of a heart. Through the analysis of data obtained from space station, New Horizons, scientists drew attention to the fact that this geological formation lies exactly in the opposite side of Pluto Charon. According to scientists, this depression in the form of an ellipse formed by a powerful meteorite impact, and then it was ice filled ocean water. According to the hypothesis of scientists, because of the resulting excess of mass of Pluto and turned 180 degrees from his companion. The under-ice ocean, filled cavity, consists of water and ammonia.

Review of the astronomer, senior researcher SAI, candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Vladimir muffler:

-Although the unit “New horizons” Pluto passed over a year ago, the downlink transmission of the collected data it ended only recently, in late September, so that their real, detailed scientific analysis is just beginning. And two very interesting works devoted to the internal dynamics of the dwarf planet. Pluto and Charon – a double planet is an amazing, unique in the Solar system. Their interference causes interesting processes in each of them.

The hypothesis of a water-ammonia ocean in the bowels of Pluto looks quite convincing, although on the surface we see only a frozen reservoir of ice. But with our Moon in the past was something like this: large meteorites broke the crust, from under which flowed oceans of magma. Today is the lunar “seas”. Pluto shows something similar, but in this era, and cool option.

– Won’t the found ocean about the return of Pluto to the category of planets?

From 14 July 2015, when New horizons passing Pluto, we know it’s alive in a geological sense, the planet. But from this it does not cease to be a dwarf. However, such a title it does not. Pluto is the prototype of a new class of celestial bodies, which was very interesting for science, and perhaps in the future will be useful for mankind.

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