Russian experts have called the most attractive employers

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Graduates in business, law and natural Sciences was named the most attractive employer “Gazprom”. Educated in IT and the Humanities choose Google

Universum company dedicated to research in the field of employer branding, ranked the most attractive employers in Russia according to professionals (have RBC). Universum from November 2015 to August 2016 interviewed more than 26 thousand working professionals across the country. The average age of respondents was 29 years, 20% of respondents older than 40 years or have experience more than 8 years.

As in 2015, the majority of respondents who received education in the field of “Business,” was named the most attractive employer “Gazprom” (30,77%). In the second place, as in 2015, the Internet company Google, which chose of 19.93% of the respondents. Closes the top three “Gazprom Neft” from 13.62% of the vote (in 2015, the rating was not included). The fourth place was kept Yandex (12.6 per cent). “Rosneft” last year occupied the third place (of 13.93%), now chosen and 11.49% of the respondents, it is in fifth place.

Respondents who received education in the areas of “Engineering/science” also has put “Gazprom” in the first place. Voted 32,07% of respondents is 4.2% less than in 2015. Of 15.96% of study participants want to work in “Gazprom oil”, 14,2% — in Google. “Rosneft” has moved into fourth place (14,06%) from the second (16,36%). In fifth place — “Rosatom”, which called for 9.88% of respondents (in 2015 – of 6.71%, sixth).

Most attractive employer “Gazprom” called 34,54% of respondents with a legal background (in 2015 – 32,84%), “Gazprom oil” – 18,45%. The number of lawyers willing to work for Google, declined slightly (from 15.25% to 15.01%), the company maintained third place. From second to fourth place fell “Rosneft” (13,15% vs 16,31% in 2015). “Yandex” has moved from fourth to fifth place (of 10.01% versus a 9.96%).

“Gazprom” in 2015, was named the most attractive employer and respondents with education in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. But in 2016 they put gas holding on the third place (14,89% vs 22,37% in 2015). Preference they gave to the pharmaceutical companies Bayer (19,41%) and Pfizer (17,82%). The top five also includes the pharmaceutical company Novartis (14,89%) and Johnson & Johnson (12,23%).

According to a survey of experts with education in the field of IT “Gazprom”, as a year ago, took third place (20,10% vs 20 and 91% in 2015). The most interesting employer for “it people” left Google (38,51%), in second place — “Yandex” (29,05%). The number of people wishing to work in “Yandex” has grown by 1.24%, and Google — fell by 0.98%. The top five also includes Microsoft (was 18.93%) and Intel (11,15%).

Google first identified and respondents receiving education in the direction of “Humanities/Education” (25,74%). In second place — Gazprom (23,27%), the third — “Yandex” (19,76%). Next in the list is the L’oréal Group (11.2 percent), rising for the year on one line. Completing the top five “Gazprom Neft” (9,65%).

According to Universum, the average salary (before taxes, including bonuses) of the study participants is €774 per month is €116 more than in 2015. As the authors of the study, there is a significant gap between the wages of men and women: male respondents average monthly salary is €858, female — €714.

The most attractive feature of employer Russian
professionals named the company’s success in the market. In second place — professional training and development, then there is a competitive base salary, high future earnings and prestige. The main career aim of the survey participants called the stable and reliable employment. The second most important career goal is “to Solve interesting and challenging work tasks and the third is to Have a balance between work and personal life.”

“Our study revealed a significant difference between the career preferences of the professionals in Russia and their counterparts in other countries. If for Russians the main career objective is a stable and reliable employment, in Germany, the UK and China professionals first put a balance between work and personal life,” said Karl-Johan Hasselstrom, global COO and managing Director for Europe, middle East and Africa the company Universum.

Earlier, the students surveyed by Universum, was named the most attractive industry to work the public sector (18%), IT (16%) and media and advertising (15%). The students from two directions — “business” and “engineering/science” — called ideal of “Gazprom”. Students with the specialization “Humanities/education” and IT is in the ranking of leading employers Google.

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