The APC, which was hit by a truck, returning from exercises

Conscripts from the military unit in the settlement of Mosrentgen in the territory of New Moscow in an accident on the ring road on the night of November 17 — to 21-year-old soldier who was engaged in repairing a stalled armored vehicle, ran over by a truck.

As it became known “MK”, a broken-down armored personnel carrier (military only the car were five people) were moving in an organized column of four APCS and KAMAZ from the village Moulineaux Nizhny Novgorod region in the “native” infantry part in Mosrentgen — tech were returning from exercises. War machine stalled in 2.10 on 31-m kilometre of MKAD.

The driver — 21-year-old conscript Ruslan, went out to see what was the matter. The young man did not set the emergency stop sign and did not include the alarm system. The accident happened three minutes later.

The passengers sat inside the war machine.

According to traffic police, Ruslan suddenly came out from behind the APC, and at this point the young man drove the truck “Isuzu” (the wheel spinning 36-year-old Uzbek named Bahodir). Then the car rammed and the APC.

Together with these colleagues argue that the conscript was on the roof of the APC when it was hit. Ruslan could not resist, and with a height of 170 cm fell on the pavement. The staff heard the screams and came out from the cabin of a combat vehicle.

Whatever it was, a draftee received a closed fracture of the left shoulder, broken ribs and was hospitalized. He is in stable condition.

Driving experience Ruslana — 2. In 2016 he was attracted on administrative article for speeding. As for the Uzbek, but this year in relation to men has made the administrative report under article “failure to provide the benefits to pedestrians.”

Later, a broken-down armored personnel carrier was towed to a military unit.

Watch the video on:
“Posted a video of the collision of the truck with the APC on the ring road”


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