The effect of the replacement. Does nicotine gum to quit Smoking

One of popular today ways — the use of special chewing gum that contains nicotine. In the mechanism of its action, and also exactly how it helps to cope with the problem, understand not all. About what constitutes such treatment, and what to consider using gum, Aify told doctor-specialist in public health and health care Paul Stocco.


This specialized gum is an alternative to Smoking cigarettes for one reason: they contain nicotine. Dosage expect doctors and scientists, which resorted to such means. This means that they only conditionally can be called “healthier” option than Smoking. Such gum — item nicotinecontaining therapy, which is designed to rid a person from addiction. It should be understood that this is not the therapy of addiction, because nicotine itself is toxic. And when it gets into the blood when chewing this gum, it is impossible to say that the human body does not suffer. But the advantage of such tools is the fact that the body does not fall into a variety of tar and carcinogens that a person receives from regular cigarettes. This means that the nicotine gum all can be regarded as a safer option.

If it is very hard to quit Smoking on their own, that gum will be an excellent solution. It is even often recommended as therapy in the United States. Because the nicotine thus obtained, in spite of its toxicity, does not cause cancer, which actually is the main risk of traditional Smoking.

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How it works

When Smoking traditional nicotine enters the brain through the lungs, quickly soaked. All takes about 20 seconds. When using the gum process will be longer. Under language there is quite an extensive vascular plexus. It is through him that when chewed will get nicotine. First in superficial vessels, then into blood. In this case, the nicotine reaches the brain in 20 minutes. Why wait for the lightning effect of the gum is not necessary.

It is understood that the nicotine entering the body in this way, still retains its toxic properties. The impact can cause severe damage to the human body: from the malfunction of different organs to cellular destruction. Therefore, you cannot use the gum longer than allowed for the user time.

It is worth considering that nicotine gum is not recommended for pregnant women, because the effects of nicotine on fetal development will be as negative as in traditional Smoking. In addition, the target organs for nicotine are the most important systems: the cardiovascular system, liver, brain.

By itself, the gum also can cause damage to health: due to its frequent use may develop stomach ulcers, there are other negative manifestations of gastrointestinal problems, often suffers from tooth enamel.

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Follow the rules

Use nicotinecontaining therapy must be under the supervision of a specialist: doctor, a psychologist or psychiatrist. In addition, you should strictly follow the instructions and don’t abuse this tool. If suddenly that happens very rarely, the addiction occurred or reported an overdose, one way out: to turn to professionals, they will help to deal with the problem.

It is also worth considering that this method can not be called a panacea. Studies conducted more than 30 years ago showed that people in the control groups that instead of cigarettes used with nicotine gum, some time after the end of the experiment — within six months — again started to smoke.

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And then I see only one way of dealing with the problem: the strong-willed decision of the person. If he is psychologically ready and tuned in to getting rid of bad habits, he will cease to smoke. Yes, in some cases, you may need replacement therapy: for example, if the process is hard. The person who firmly planned quitting Smoking requires a clear program: what and how it will perform, to leave a cigarette. You may gradually will need to go with nicotine gum to normal. However, I believe that to abandon the tobacco is not as difficult as it seems to many. Smoking does not cause strong addiction, rather it is a psychological installation.

Additional options

Today, doctors often suggest instead of gum to use nicotine nasal sprays. The person just inhales them and gets the same effect as from eating regular cigarettes. However, it is understood that there are people addiction is not freed. It will be just as hard to abandon the spray, as from cigarettes.

In short, this is one way to collect will in a fist and make a principled decision about whether to continue to poison your body.

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