The fattest man on the planet weighs nearly 500 kg


Juan Pedro (Juan Pedro), a 32-year-old Mexican, weighs about 500 kg. It is considered to be the thickest person on the planet. In the past six years he never left the house. Juan lives with his mother. She says that her son always weighed more than normal, but was pretty active boy, sang in the choir, played the guitar and was a member of the football team. According to her, Juan “perfectly danced the cumbia and he had two or three girlfriends”. Gaining weight sharply after he started 17 years old when injured in a car accident.

Himself Juan Pedro explains that does not understand how he was able to gain all those pounds. He says he tried dieting, but nothing worked and it led him to despair. “I once went into a coma, woke up in bed and never got up with her.”

Recently, Juan decided to go to the doctors for help. He hoped to finally be able to lose weight and return to normal life. The doctors diagnosed men type II diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism and fluid in the lungs. José castañeda (Castañeda José) from the Department of gastric bypass surgery in a hospital in Guadalajara, where he addressed Juan, says that most likely the man is alive only due to the fact that he is young enough.

Before surgery gastric bypass, it needs to be within six months to undergo treatment which will help to stabilize the patient.

Recall that in December 2015 died Sepulveda Andres Moreno (Moreno Andrés Sepúlveda), who also lived in Mexico. Its weight was 450 kg, and before his death Sepulveda was considered the fattest man in the world. He underwent bariatric surgery in a couple of months before her death – she helped him get rid of 50 kg.

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